MOUNT PROSPECT, IL -  Dremel named five winners of its inaugural Maker in Residence contest, following a nationwide competition that included 200 entrants. Each winner is awarded a full suite of Dremel tools valued at $5,000 that includes the Dremel 3D Idea Builder (3D printer) and Sprout by HP, an intuitive 3D scanner.

The  five "Chief Makers" (the title refers to craftspersons in any field, including woodworking) will work as advocates for the "Makers Movement," lending their expertise to build users' confidence levels. Chief Makers will also play a role in Maker Spaces that focus on training younger makers.

"Because making is a never-ending learning experience, education is at the core of all of our 'Maker Relations,'" said Tim Turbett, director of brand marketing for Dremel. "Our Maker in Residence program represents an evolving relationship with our user base

Winners will also collaborate directly with the Dremel brand for the next six months, instructing new projects via social media and assisting with ongoing product development.

The following 2015-2016 Chief Makers were selected based on their demonstrated passion, expertise and advocacy:

Haley Yurkow and Celina Muire.

Haley Yurkow | New Albany, Mississippi
Haley is the artisan behind Mississippi Mojo, which creates custom hand-etched glass objects. She has worked on a variety of glass objects, from casserole dishes and barware to picture frames and antique windows. Haley is also very active in her community as an advocate and leader for various art programs and festivals.

Celina Muire | Austin, Texas
Celina is a woodworker and pyrographer, producing designs on wood, leather or other materials by using heated tools or a fine flame. She makes utility goods like spoons, cutting boards, knifes and muddlers, as well as art pieces that include headboards and wall hangings. Celina also does a lot of commissions with individuals and local businesses, and is a big advocate for the Maker movement in Austin.

Keith Hahn | Buffalo, Wyoming
Keith creates furnishings and art using iron and wood, and specializes in high-end custom log furniture and decorative ironwork, with a focus on fine finishes. He lives in the foothills of the Bighorn Mountains, which never fail to give him inspiration. As a result, a lot of Keith's work is modeled after colors and textures found in nature.

Sean Harrington | Woodland Hills, California
Sean creates puppets and theatrical props (large and small), and rewires old analog devices for digital interaction. Sean is driven by the desire to improve how humans interact with the tools and machines in their daily lives. He also likes using technology and engineering to make someone's job easier, ideally giving them more leisure time to create things of their own.

Shaun Crockett | Roeland Park, Kansas
Shaun started making as a young boy building everything from birdhouses to ninja weapons. Now he continues with more grown-up things like home remodeling, but still takes time to indulge in more unique projects like knife making or engine building. Shaun's work is inspired by technology and his desire to bridge the digital and physical worlds. He also has a unique vantage point as he combines the processes of art and engineering into his works.

By Shaun Crockett

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