PITTSBURGH, Pa. -  The Hardwood Manufacturers Association (HMA) has launched of the Hardwood Manufacturers Certificate Program—a 16-week, 14-credit course of study that will prepare learners for fast-growing, in-demand positions within the hardwood manufacturing industry.
Endorsed by the HMA, and in conjunction with the Northcentral Technical College, Antigo, Wisconsin, the program is open to all hardwood industry stakeholders and is an excellent vehicle to advance that promising, career-minded employee within your organization who is looking for more.
“Like other industries in the manufacturing sector,” says Linda Jovanovich, Executive Vice President of the HMA, “hardwood producers and processors have been challenged by our nation’s skilled labor crisis. In response, our industry has found it necessary to grow our own workforce. And this Hardwood Manufacturers Certificate Program will enable us to do just that.”
About the course of study:
  • Upon program completion, certificate holders will be able to identify hardwood species; scale, grade and value hardwood logs; breakdown logs and edge/trim lumber; investigate slicer and rotary veneer manufacturing; examine the physical and mechanical properties of wood; operate a conventional dry kiln; and apply basic hardwood lumber inspection grading rules.
  • Courses are conducted at Northcentral Technical College’s 27,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art Wood Technology Center of Excellence, Antigo, Wisconsin.
  • Program specifics—detailed course descriptions, course costs, housing information—are available at www.HMAmembers.org.
  • Prospective students may apply at bit.ly/HardwoodCertificate. And questions regarding the Hardwood Manufacturers Certificate Program should be directed to Travis Allen, wood science instructor, at 715.348.7723 or allen@ntc.edu.
  • “The Hardwood Manufacturers Certificate Program was developed for the greater good of the hardwood industry,” says Jovanovich. “It is our opportunity to grow, groom and inspire the supervisors, lumber inspectors, kiln operators, quality control technicians and plant managers who we so desperately need in our hardwood facilities. I’m very excited about this collaborative effort. And I encourage interested employers and potential students to act quickly.”
The Hardwood Manufacturers Association is a national trade organization with membership limited to U.S. hardwood lumber producers and processors. HMA is a member-driven association; providing member companies peer-networking opportunities, valuable information exchange and strategic management tools. The Association also conducts a focused, far-reaching promotion campaign, directed to both consumers and build professionals, extolling the beauty, environmental preference and lasting value of solid American hardwood flooring, furniture, cabinetry and millwork.

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