EnviroVar, Visionary Award Entrant
July 11, 2013 | 8:59 am CDT

With the addition of EnviroVar Formaldehyde Free Conversion Varnish White/Opaque Base Topcoat and Envirolock Formaldehyde Free Primer, which were introduced in May 2013, M.L. Campbell is able to complete itsClean Cure product line by adding formaldehyde free pigmented solvent borne finishes. Having both clear (formaldehyde free clear solvent borne finishing systems were launched two years ago and unveiled at AWFS Fair 2011) and pigmented finishes will help  customers eliminate formaldehyde from their finishing process. EnviroVar Formaldehyde Free Conversion Varnish White/Opaque Base and Envirolock Formaldehyde Free Primer are developed using the breakthrough solvent borne Clean Cure™ Technology. This exceptional technology platform provides an acid cure formaldehyde free amino alkyd post-catalyzed conversion varnish that is both low odor and HAPs free; creating a safer work environment and improving indoor air quality once a project is installed. Both products are specifically formulated to eliminate formaldehyde off gassing concerns from acid cure coatings on commercial and residential projects and are extremely durable making them ideal for wood kitchen cabinets, commercial millwork, furniture and commercial displays.

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