Mui features calm technology and design, and it uses wood to achieve that feeling.

Mui, designed in Japan, is a wooden touch panel display system that serves as a smart home control hub. It is able to interconnect different smart home devices, but also has its own function including notifications, light and music controller, messaging and calendar sharing. It is made by Mui Lab Inc., Kyoto, Japan.

“We were especially particular about the material because we value the sensibility, not to feel robotic or coldness as we always do when it comes to interacting with digital devices,” the company said. “After a series of prototyping, we finally succeeded (in) developing a unique hardware design that uses wood.”

Mui advocates the concept of calm technology and design being inspired by one of the philosophy of Taoism, “mui shizen” and brings the technology more calmness and subtlety to harmonize between the human, technology and nature.

“Through our product, we would like you to have different experiences from the existing digital devices which may be able to fulfill your unmet needs through sharing moments and memories with your loved ones and through touching nature,” the company said. “Our product does not force you to change your natural behavior, but rather calmly and elegantly sits as if (it was) furniture and notify you (of) important information and encouraging more communications with your family members.”

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