Saw Trax's Scoop Dolly for material handling

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KENNESAW, GA — Saw Trax, a material handling and woodworking equipment company, introduced The Scoop Dolly in 2022. The dolly operates similarly to a hand truck but with significant design changes. The dolly allows for omnidirectional movement, simplifying the transport of long, tall, and thin items.

One of its features is the "Tilt-Don’t-Lift" mechanism, which minimizes the need for heavy lifting by simply tilting the dolly back. 

The Scoop Dolly is a pivoting hand truck-like device that easily slides under objects while the dolly stays flat on the floor. The object is tilted back onto the dolly using the scoop.  This type of design also allows the user to vary the angle of the load by varying the position of the support legs.

This type of pivoting handle keeps the casters flat on the floor so they are not angled causing the internal bearings to fail. 

  The latest model features forklift channels, enabling it to handle even larger items. For instance, manufacturers of 12’ and 16’ sliding glass doors can now benefit from the 72” Scoop, specifically designed for oversized products. This model can be seen in action below, demonstrating its capability to handle large materials.

For more on the Scoop Dolly’s capabilities, visit these demonstration videos:

•    Short Overview
•    Accessory Details
•    Handling 12’ and 16’ Sliding Glass Doors
•    Forklift Channel Integration

To learn more about Saw Trek and the Scoop Dolly, visit


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Saw Trax Scoop Dolly 2021 glass Show door and window video from Saw Trax on Vimeo.

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