Almost any room or space can become a new home office instantly.
Almost any room or space can become a new home office instantly.
With the onset of the coronavirus we have all had more and more clients working from home and needing to convert spare bedrooms into home offices, and perhaps even needing desk space for homeschooling.  
There’s something special about working from home. Almost any room or space can become a new home office instantly. All it takes is the right setup and a few accessories to help you get the job done. Thanks to custom closet companies and our abilities to customize anything, the possibilities of designing customizable home offices are endless. 

Here are 5 ideas for getting your clients started right away: 

  1. Start simple
    A simple home office is perfect for working from home. If your clients are struggling to maximize their space, think about designing cabinets, counters and drawers. These classic options will give them a place for everything, from pens to binders. Are keyboards taking up too much room? Design a pull-out keyboard tray than can double as an additional worksurface, house the keyboard, and can alleviate those claustrophobic concerns.
  2. Utilize craft units
    While craft areas are perfect for arts and crafts, scrapbooking, wrapping, and sewing – they can also double as a home office. Suggest putting the sewing machine off to the side for now and plug in the laptop.  If your clients are looking down the road and are not sure about investing in a home office, being creative and designing a craft area that doubles as a home office is the perfect solution for all family members.
  3. Revamp the spare bedroom
    Typically known for being the “storage space,” a spare bedroom can be anything that your client wants it to be. Why not transform it into their home office? If they’re someone who works from home, then they already know how difficult it can be to focus without the proper workspace.  Suggest good lighting and comfortable seating.  Always remember to include file drawers for bills and other important papers, and add one for each family member so everyone has a place for their paperwork.
  4. Create children’s workspace
    Parents understand how important homework and school projects are for their child’s grades. Most school-aged children and college kids are home completing virtual learning, so a workspace for them is so important. Instead of breaking out the scissors and glue on the kitchen table, give them their own desk with file drawers, in-baskets, and ample counter space. Who knows? They may enjoy doing homework even more. 
  5. Make the guest room 
Take advantage of this time to discuss the overall usage of guest rooms and basements. These areas can become multifunctional with the addition of a Murphy bed − a workspace to keep the home office running, while providing a bed to guests whenever they come knocking. 
Now is a perfect time to design units and desks for every room of your client’s homes. Think of the office essentials that go beyond just a spacious desk and swivel chair. I’m talking about the wonderful accessories and space planning we all offer! 
Angelia York is vice president of Saint Louis Closet Co.,

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