As a longtime user of the Festool track saw system, I know the value of using a track saw and guide for straight cuts, particularly in unwieldly sheet goods on a job site. And other manufacturers have entered the track saw market. Still, one weakness all the systems had was making square cuts to an edge, but a new tool from TSO Products solves that problem.

Typically, what I used to do with my Festool track saw and guide was to make multiple measurements and use a square to double check before I clamped down the track and made a perpendicular cut. That worked fine, but it definitely took more time and created potential for error as I clamped down the track. The TSO Products GRS-16 guide rail square eliminates all that setup and measuring.

What it is

The TSO Products GRS-16 guide rail square is deceptively simple, with just two parts: an aluminum casting a toggle clamp. Slide the tool into the slot on the underside of your saw track and engage the clamp. That automatically squares everything up without any adjustment or further measuring. Now you can set the guide rail and square on the edge of whatever you are cutting and ensure square cuts.

Mounted to a Festool saw track, the GRS-16 guide rail square is sturdy and square without fussy adjustments.

How it works

The beauty of the GRS-16 is its simplicity. Other than the toggle clamp, there are no moving parts to worry about. As many times as we clipped and unclipped the square to a guide rail, it stayed perfectly square and true.

If you are clamping your guide rail to the work, there is a convenient recess on the GRS-16 so the clamp fits without interference. The whole setup turns your guide rail into a versatile big square. For comparison, it was more accurate than a large drywall cutting square we had on a jobsite.

TSO Products says the GRS-16 works with Festool, Makita, and Triton guide rail systems (not Bosch or DeWalt). We used it only with the Festool system for our tests. Retail price is about $150. You can find out more by going to

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