First Thoughts: Sometimes, before you even start using a tool, you can tell its going to be a good one. Right out of the box you can tell that Milwaukee came to play with this saw. Some of the biggest fears when it come to miter saws is maintaining accuracy after it has bounced around during travel and on job sites. The  10-inch dual bevel sliding compound miter saw feels sturdy, with metal in all the right places.

Sawblade Install  

The blade install is very easy. The blade cover lifts up and locks in place so it stays out of your way. And there is a pretty ingenious thumb press to lock your tightening in place. Overall quick and minimal setup needed before you are ready to go.
M18 FUEL™ 10” Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw (2734-21HD)
Blade Diameter  10”
No Load RPM    4,000
Arbor Size    5/8”
Bevel Dual
Slide Yes
Weight   45lbs 45lbs
Vertical Capacity Base Against Fence  5-3/4” 5-3/4”
Vertical Capacity Nested Crown  5-1/4” 5-1/4”
45° Bevel Capacity  2x12 2x12
90° Cross Cut Capacity     2x12
90° Cross Cut Capacity (max width)   2x12
45° Miter Cut Capacity (max height)  3.5” 3.5”
45° Miter Cut Capacity (max width)   2x8 2x8
Max Bevel Angle (L/R) 48-48 48-48
Max Miter Angle (L/R)  50/60 50/60


Time To Cut Wood

Blade starts up smoothly, no jumping when you pull the trigger. The blade also stops incredibly quickly so you can move your cutoffs right away without needing to wait forever for the blade to come to a stop. Very smooth front to back slide. I like the large flip up lock for bevel cuts as well. Overall this saw has some of the most intuitive locks, unlocks, and adjustments in any miter saw I have come across. 

Enough power as a cordless saw?

If this was a few years ago someone could rightly ask, “yeah but a cordless miter saw, will it have enough power?”. In this day and age you can assume that any company putting out a cordless miter saw is going to give you enough usable power. It is like watching a World’s Strongest Man competition, you know they are all going to be able to pull the truck. The question isn’t if they can do it, but how long they can do it for. Milwaukee is boasting 400+ cuts on one charge. For me, if I am making over 400 cuts on a job site in a day then something has gone terribly wrong at the shop…But for those people that need that kind of longevity, rest assured Milwaukee has you covered.

Shadow cut line indicator

I am a big fan of the shadow cut indicator. Precision is easy when you are at the shop, but once a tool hits the outside world precision can get a little loose. When using laser lines in the past I have found they can get out of line, but using a shadow cut indicator gives you a spot on cut indicator every time. 

Weight and portability 

Coming in at 47 pounds this saw is light enough that you won't be straining when moving it room to room, but heavy enough that you don’t feel its going to get blow over if someone opens a window. Being cordless gives you automatic easier mobility than a corded saw, with nothing to drag or trip over. The handholds are nicely rounded and conveniently placed for a comfortable grip.  

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