WoodWrite builds custom wooden dashboards for classic cars
By Jeffrey Bütt
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Woodworking has been a passion of mine for nine years now, but it's only now that things are looking up. I restore classic vehicles for clients of mine.
My first task was to reproduce a 1958 Mercedes Benz dash for a client. But instead of repairing it, I thought outside the box and came up with a solution: having a reproduction dash made in cherry. 
My company, WoodWrite, on Facebook and Instagram, is something I've been pulling together the past few weeks. I started my woodworking enthusiasm through furniture, creating different pieces for my home and friends, a basic hobby I could hope one day to turn into something more.
Now I'm a restoration enthusiast who's using that skill in a different way - and in the hopes of making a mark and name for myself. 
In some of my projects, including some where the original dash was not wood, I am trying to embellish the existing look of the car, and achieve more with a certain vehicle. Examples showcased here are prototypes of things that I'm hoping to produce in solid wood over jointed two-tones (such as walnut, birch, and hickory for strength). A solid configuration (walnut, ash and maybe wenge) makes for a better overall look, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to make it two-toned in "color."
Last week I ordered a new CNC to help me further this project, which also helps me test products for partner companies. Some of these vehicles from my partner companies are very high-end, and call for ultimate woods. We'll be experimenting with wenge, cocobolo, zebrawood, jatoba, African mahogany, penga, birdseye, spalted maple, London plane and yellow heart.
Over the months to follow I will be working on distribution will plan to launch with direct purchase through a website I'm creating. Car restoration shops nearby have offered to help as well, so I've got a good list going of vehicle interiors for testing. Any model that I see having a good platform to work with will be formed. 
The experiments that follow will stem from one era to the next, taking things to a different level and making a statement for that particular vehicle and its owner. The classification of vehicles varies greatly, from the 60's Mustang and Camaro, Belair, BMW 507, Ferrari, Fiat Dino, Mercedes-Benz, Thunderbird, International Harvester, Dodge Power Wagon, Jimmy, Blazer, anything I see suitable for this platform will be made and found in people's vehicles.
It seemed natural for the Toyota, even the Tundra and 4Runner. People are using these vehicles for recreational use, camping and off-roading, and are finding their way back to nature and having fun. WoodWrite is an expression, The original, reproduction interiors formed from wood. Showcasing aesthetic and craftsmanship through the vehicles that move us forward is something I believe in and I want others into, too.
I'm starting small, I'm hoping by doing so, it evolves naturally and allows me to fund larger equipment needed in the future. It's a risk, but with the direction it's already heading, it's definitely worth it for me to take.
Jeffrey Bütt

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