Pangea laser-cuts and handcrafts beautiful and extremely precise 3D oceanic maps from birch plywood.
Tom Percy, founder of Pangea, begins by isolating a desired region of coastline. He then sources actual bathymetric data - the submarine topography of underwater terrain - and sketches contours of each layer. He then laser-cuts the design from a sheet of aircraft birch plywood. 
After laser-cutting, Percy carefully hand-glues each layer together.
The maps come framed, ready to hang, with a hardwood frame and are protected with shatter-proof plexiglass.
The scale and composition of each map is carefully considered, says Percy on the Pangea website. Sourcing the bathymetric data and the following sketching of contours is a meticulous process, combining modern surveying techniques with CAD and cartography. 
Each layer represents between 1-5 meters of water depth (depending on the region).


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