Oregon-based artist Jason Pancoast designs shadowboxes - intricate images created from laser-cut pieces of dark oak, matte paper, and acrylic paint.
The shadowboxes, inspired by wildlife and nature found in the Pacific Northwest, are created by Pancoast at his company Shadowfox Design.
The boxes' outer layers feature the natural look of oak and the inner layers are painted with acrylic paint. In one piece, named 'The Call', a wolf's head features blue, white, and gray inner layers glued together to create a moon-lit forest, with a silhouette of a smaller wolf visible in the trees. 
"We are connected to nature, and sometimes we need beautiful things to remind us," says Pancoast on the Shadowfox website.
In addition to creating the oak boxes, Pancoast is a master of paper - first sketching his scenes on matte paper in pencil, digitally adjusting, and finally layering the sheets into the oak frames.
Most of Pancoast's pieces are in the $200 range, but vary based on complexity.

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