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Ask a Woodworker

Milling curved whiskey barrel staves into flat pieces

We received a question about milling down curved whiskey barrel staves into 3/8-inch thick pieces. It seems this Indiana shop has gotten a lot of requests for this kind of product, for flooring. The shop is looking for equipment or a process that would allow them to mill these pieces so they can be used for flooring.  


Capturing CNC dust at Xylem Designs

Ben at display fixture manufacturer Xylem Design, shows Brad Cairns a baffle he set up to channel flying sawdust from next to the CNC machine. It's an example of innovative ideas developed under Lean management.

Ask a Woodworker

Milwaukee Heated Gear… so hot right now

I wear two hats: woodshop worker and public face. If I could find a way to schedule different days for all my meetings and all the days I am banging, cutting, and sanding it would be easy. More often than not I have to split my days and showing up to a luxury high-rise caked in sawdust is not an option. Enter Milwaukee's stylish gear.

Ask a Woodworker

10 Christmas Gifts Woodworkers Will Love for 2015

For the woodworker, it's going to be tools, lumber and veneer. And more tools. Developing the 2015 shopping list for someone who works with wood all day, the editors at Woodworking Network tried to think out of the dovetail box. Besides exotic hardwood that can inspire a project, or a specialized tool or jig that's so cool it doesn't matter if its useful, we added some good works suggestions this time around: it's better to give than to receive.