Yelp doesn't have a closets category. Here's how to change to that
April 4, 2017 | 9:05 am CDT
Tom Happ, president Closet Works

In today’s connected world “Online Reviews” continue to play a vital role in deciding if your company will be considered for the job of custom closets.

Most prospective clients utilize multiple methods of online research to identify companies and conduct reach on each of them.

  • Google searches
  • Review company website(s)
  • Read on-line reviews (Angie’s List, Yelp, etc.)

We recently had a prospective client that saw our TV commercial, then went to our website, then went to Angie’s List to read reviews of our company before deciding to call us and make an appointment for us to come to her house for a complimentary appointment with one of our closet designers.

But not all of these online review sites are friendly to the closet industry.

Angie’s List has the category of “Closets”; Better Business Bureau has the category of Closet Systems & Accessories. Yelp on the other hand, has NO “Closets” category for prospective clients to search and find the proper qualified companies.

Instead, Yelp uses quite broad company categories like “Interior Design”, “Cabinetry” or “Home Organization”. However, with these being so broad it does not generate very good results for consumers or closet companies.

As a closet company we spend numerous amounts of time responding to Yelp inquiries regarding products found within these broad categories like Picture Framing, Upholstery, Home Cleaning, Organizing rooms, etc.

In speaking with Yelp about this situation and voicing our opinion on this, they advised that they take inputs for suggested new “Yelp Categories”. We of course immediately put in our request for a NEW Yelp category to be “Closets” to represent the custom closets industry.

We wanted to share this situation that is impacting our industry and hope that working together as an industry we can speed up this change within Yelp.

So take a few minutes out of your day and contact Yelp to submit the request for the category that properly represents our industry. Every house has closets yet it is NOT represented within Yelp. Yelp can be reached at 877-767-9357

Thanks for your consideration and support of our industry.

Tom Happ, president Closet Works, Chicago, Illinois

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