Summertime Closet Design Inspiration
July 11, 2014 | 9:19 am CDT
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This walk in closet was designed by Closet Factory.
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This traditionally elegant walk in closet was designed by Wellborn Cabinets.

In case you’re in total summer zone mode and not totally tuned in to what’s trending, here’s a quick snapshot of design reality and what’s “hot” when it comes to closets.

Because client interest has gone far beyond “vanilla” basic white melamine and into “salty carmel”, boutique-looking spaces, more is now “more” (or “smore” if you’re in that summer vibe).

So if your client is asking for “more”, and you’re accustomed to doing “less”, here are some quick ideas:

“Adding embellishments to closets exponentially elevates the value of spaces, and in closets, it really amps it up” says Assistant Vice President of Osborne Wood Products, Christian Smedberg.

Put the design focus on a bank of drawers. Remove the toe kick, make the unit deeper and add feet for a built-in furniture look. By doing this, you’re able to enhance the design value and still manufacture and install your closet system within the standards and methods that already exist for your shop. It’s just a slight modification.

Take it up another notch and shorten up and step back the upper shelving unit. Use a cleat instead of the hanging rail, make it shallower than the base and add decorative corbels underneath.


Is that getting you inspired about easy, upgrade design options?

I hope so. And if you’d like a bit more inspiration, join me, along with KCD software and Osborne Wood Products for a FREE webinar with tons more details about how to add embellishments to your closet designs.

Here’s your ROI:

-You’ll learn a couple of new things that will make you money

-You’ll gain confidence and understanding about how to add embellishments to your designs

-You’ll have fun (what a drag, being summer and all).

Be there or be square. Seriously. This session will be worth your sixty minutes.

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