A cheeky new online survey from the storage company MakeSpace suggests that nearly half of its respondents would go celibate for six months in exchange for more organized closet space. The company contacted approximately 1,000 men and women across America.
Whether or not this new factoid is shocking may depend upon your perception of relationships in the modern age and the demands of a busy, cluttered world. However, what it does reveal is the depths to which some homeowners really, really want or perhaps more exact, need, larger, organized storage spaces.
Going celibate for six months was not the only major sacrifice that 49.1% of homeowners were willing to make. Approximately 17.2% of respondents said they would opt for a six-month pay cut if it meant a more sizable closet and 51% of male respondents would be open to gaining 10 pounds for 6 months if it meant more closet space for storage.
Also, according to the study, approximately 67.2% of people said that their bedroom closet is the most cluttered space in their home, while 25.3% claim their hall closet holds the bulk of their clutter. And more than half of people surveyed (52.6%) agree that an extra walk-in is preferable to an extra bathroom.
The study also found, unsurprisingly, that 90% of the women surveyed claimed more closet space than their partners versus 10% of men who said they used more space than their significant others.
Additional findings include:
30% of women admitted to getting rid of their significant other’s things without telling them
20% of men said they store things in the trunk of their car
Women today have 3 times more clothes than they did in 1930
50% of people use their garage for storage, leaving their cars parked in the driveway or on the street
59% of people surveyed store stuff under the bed
For more information and study results, visit makespace.com/blog/posts/category/news.

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