BOSTON - Ori Inc., a developer of robotic interiors and furniture, launched OriCollection which includes the Ori Pocket Closet, an on-demand walk-in closet that can fit any room.

Ori Pocket Closet

Available now to U.S. customers, the limited edition Ori Pocket Closets, available in white and oak, feature storage space for clothes, shoes, and accessories. When closed, the closet can be used as a desk, media console, or bookshelf. The Ori Pocket Closet can be opened using voice activation with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, via the Ori app, or with the Ori Square control panel that’s built into every Ori Pocket Closet. Additional colors for the Ori Pocket Closet will be available in 2019.

Ori Cloud Bed

Additional products in the OriCollection include the Ori Cloud Bed, a bed that lowers from the ceiling or lifts to the ceiling to reveal a sofa, and the Ori Studio Suite, a modern all-in-one system that transforms a studio apartment into a spacious living room, comfortable bedroom, office, and more. According to the company, the Ori Studio Suite has already been installed in more than 20 buildings in cities across the U.S., including Boston, New York metro area, Washington, DC, Miami, Chicago, and San Francisco. 

Ori Studio Suite

“As urban populations continue to grow, society must find ways of making increasingly small living and working spaces provide better experiences and at the same time be more functional, affordable, efficient and sustainable,” said Hasier Larrea, CEO and founder of Ori. “The Ori Collection will show the world how robotics allow us to see space differently, and provide compelling solutions for adapting urban spaces to us and our daily activities. The Ori Pocket Closet, Ori Cloud Bed, and Ori Studio Suite each demonstrate that you no longer need a lot of square footage to make small spaces both functional and comfortable.”

Ori is a Boston start-up founded by MIT engineers with the vision of recreating urban space through the aid of robotic engineering and new approaches to design. 

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