EAST LANSING, Mich. - In a new video from Revel Custom Wine Cellars, founder Jim Cash describes his design philosophy for building a beautiful and functional wine cellar and he spotlights the design features of the company's new revolving wine towners.

Cash says his quest to resolve the problems found in most wine racking systems, led to the manufacture of these patented wine storage designs.  "While there are other products that display wine bottles horizontally, the challenge has been capacity and accessibility. In order to get reasonable storage capacity in your cellar," he explains. "You need to be able to go more than just one or two bottles deep. With the Revel-ution Wine Tower, each level holds 4 bottles and rotates a full 360 degrees to address this challenge."

Revel-ution Towers in walnut with brushed stainless dowels are the newest wine racking design option from Revel.

The Revel-ution Towers also have the ability to blend into both traditional and modern wine cellar venues with the use of wood or a combination of wood and steel. The sleek, high-density storage towers comprise an engineered wood panel that stocks wine four bottles deep on rows of stainless steel or wood dowels, affixed to both sides of the panel. One 8-foot-high tower with 32 stacks can hold up to 128 bottles. The towers rotate a full 360 degrees, providing a complete view of, and access to, each of the bottles in the collection.

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