Planner 5D is a customizable interior design app, aimed homeowners and it's virtual reality option allows the user “to step inside” into their dream house and explore every corner while playing with colors, textures and furniture pieces to find their dream solution.

According to the company, Planner 5D has already helped more than 18 million homeowners, architects and renovators to design their new home, office, coffee shop or a restaurant. Users of Planner 5D app simply enter their room dimensions to create their exact floor plan, then choose the furniture from constantly updated catalogues - such as IKEA - and finally, virtually move the furniture around. They can also visualize and adjust various colors, materials and décor details, see designs in 2D and 3D, create renders, and share them with friends or on social media.

Virtual reality option, however, gives an opportunity to see how the designed house will actually look like.  After downloading the app and creating a project, users put on VR goggles, turn virtual reality mode on and can “step into” their new house.

“Planner 5D was one of the first interior design apps that offered an opportunity to create one’s own virtual reality,” says Alexey Sheremetyev, one of the founders.  “Video games are created by professional designers that take players into their own version of virtual reality. With Planner 5D, people can be create their own home and walk through it with the help of VR. As virtual reality market is growing at a fast pace, we know we have made the right decision to be one the pioneers in this field. In current marketplace, people want to see and feel things, it’s not enough to show them designs on computer screens.”

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