Q&A with Brooke Nieman of NEAT Method, a lifestyle service that provides luxury organization solutions and custom designs, creating style and efficiency. The company has been featured in top media outlets from House Beautiful, Vogue, Forbes and The New York Times.
Tell us about your background, how you got started in the industry, as well as the background of NEAT Method:
Brooke Nieman of NEAT Method
I was born and raised in Chicago and am proud to call this wonderful city home. I joined NEAT Method in 2013 as an organizer on the Chicago team.  Since then I have become exponentially involved with the company and have been running the Chicago market since 2014. My professional background is in nursing and I feel that many of the interpersonal skills I developed in nursing translate well to working with our organizing clients.
The company’s co-founders, Molly Graves and Ashley Murphy met while living in San Francisco. They quickly discovered that they shared a mutual passion for creating clutter-free living environments. Ashley and Molly thought that the organizing business needed a fresh approach that combined the elements of making home organization fun and beautiful.
How would you describe NEAT’s clients as well as the company’s design process, and philosophy?
From the working professional to the stay-at-home mom of four, we service a variety of clients. Our clients look to us to provide an honest and realistic approach to successfully containing clutter. It is important to note that we customize every solution to fit the individual needs and we believe no two homes are identical. In order to create a successful solution, it is imperative that NEAT fully gets to know the individual!
NEAT Method is a full-service organizing business that is completely custom to each client’s specific needs. That said, we will organize, purchase and implement solutions, and donate and consign any unwanted items leaving our clients with nothing left to do but enjoy their space. Our clients love working with us because we also come armed with the best resources out there. If they need something beyond our scope of services, we have taken the time to fully vet out others that will maintain the same quality standard that our clients have come to expect and deserve from someone working within their home.
What challenges are impacting the industry and what are some of the latest trends?
The organizing industry has come extremely far over the past decade. What was once a very dated industry is becoming just as popular as interior design. It is a service that many people are looking for because quite frankly most people just don’t have the time it takes to truly get organized. Organizing is much more than a quick clean up or de-cluttering session. When it is the most effective is when systems are set up and organizational products are implemented that make it possible for people to keep living NEAT, even after the organizers leave.
Having organizational products that match the aesthetic of your home is super trendy and easy to accomplish these days. There are so many great products out there now that are far better than what used to be available. We love nothing more than finding the perfect basket or tray that compliments the design of a space yet is also functional.
What are some of the company’s future plans/goals?
NEAT is constantly growing and we hope to continue adding NEAT cities all across the country. In every city that NEAT is in, we have consistently looked for people who are able to provide exceptional home organization skills and the highest customer service. We find it to be incredibly important to be able to have professionalism in the home that leaves our clients truly trusting us to be touching in learning about their personal belongings.
NEAT currently has offices across the country including Atlanta, Chicago, Columbus, Connecticut, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Las Vegas, Miami, Milwaukee, Naples, Orlando, New Jersey, New York, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Scottsdale, Seattle, Tampa and Washington DC.
To learn more about NEAT Method, visit neatmethod.com.

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