CEDAR CITY, Utah - Lazy Lee, known for its rotating closet systems, upgraded its manufacturing process by choosing Lockdowel for cabinet assembly. The company will be using Lockdowel assembly exclusively on all of their furniture creations by 2018.
Lockdowel provides glueless and screwless fasteners, drawer slides and hinges for fast and easy installation of cabinets, furniture and architectural millwork.
“Lockdowel not only saves us money, but enhances the appearance of all of our furniture, while at the same time strengthening the connections, making our closets easier and faster to assemble and making our systems truly modular,” said Lee Goldsticker, Lazy Lee inventor and designer.
Recently Goldsticker was asked to move a custom closet and because of the Lockdowel connections was able to take down the cabinetry and shelves without damaging the integrity of the wood or connections. “With the ability to assemble and disassemble easily, Lockdowel increases the value of our product-- and when all is said and done, is no more expensive than the CAM system of fastening that the closet industry has traditionally accepted,” he explains. “Customers can move their closet system with them from one home to another if they wish.”
Goldsticker received inspiration for the Lazy Lee closets from living in Europe in dwellings without any closets or storage spaces available whatsoever.  By utilizing corners he found a solution with greater capacity and more eye appeal than has ever been seen before.
"Lockdowel has even made drawer assembly and installation within our product line easy enough for the Do-it-Yourself customer to feel like a professional," he says. “We’re excited to apply the Lockdowel solution to a wide array of systems serving a variety of industries—and even more to come!”
Since 2009 Goldsticker has created modular closet systems bearing the registered mark Lazy Lee - with dozens of available configurations of colors, shelving, and drawers, designs include the Valet™, Woman's Dream, State Room Series, Pantry Unit, Pandora's Box, The WineRack by Lazy Lee and The Garage Unit.  

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