MIAMI – During the 2018 International Woodworking Show, Inventor and Designer Lee Goldsticker, creator of the rotating closet system and cabinets, debuted a brand new product - the Lazy Lee Cruise Ship Closet. 
On display at the Lockdowel booth during the show, the 38.5-inch x 23.5-inch x 79-inch rotating cabinet featured a flush mirrored front, a reach-in coat compartment, and 23 shelves. Options for the cabinet range from wet bars to internal clothes dryers. Each spinning half-circle closet unit is made with Lockdowel fasteners that can be flat-packed and assembled inside the ship cabins, the company said, allowing the closets to be disassembled, moved and built again.
 “The Cruise Ship Closet is also a great solution for houses with small reach-in closets, allowing more organization, ample hanging storage, and a smooth flat front--perfect for a full-length mirror,” said Inventor and Designer Lee Goldsticker. “As an inventor, it is always exciting to solve two problems with one design.” 
Lee received inspiration for the Lazy Lee closet systems from living in Europe in dwellings without any closets or storage spaces available.  By utilizing corners he found a solution with greater capacity.

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