You say see-saw, I say teeter-totter, either way, it represents today’s economy and the nation’s opinions.
One company feels our tariffs on Chinese goods is a great move, another company feels the backlash of higher prices, but most consumers vacillate between the two opinions.
We rely so heavily on Chinese goods for almost everything that putting tariffs on them does affect everyone, whether you are buying an imported product or not.
The fact is that somewhere in the seller’s food chain is an imported product that is more expensive than it was six months ago. There are many vendors that are supplying goods to the closet and home organization industry that import most if not all of their products.
Are you seeing prices rising? Can you pass those added costs on to your customers? Drop me a note and let me know.
The stock market is another example of a teeter-totter, right? Up and down it goes, every little move that happens in the world sends the markets skyrocketing or plummeting. It’s the nature of our reality, constant change and fluctuations in opinion.
All the more reason to remember what goes up will come down and vice versa. Manufacturers and remodelers are busier than ever but there’s a blanket on optimism. The rate of change and perceived instability has business leaders nervous.
The fact is you need to find your niche, do what you do best and keep true to your plan. When you do that, you find the teeter-totter moves in rhythm with you and not outside influences.
Closets & Organized Storage will continue to research the marketplace and deliver information to help you make informed choices in your business.

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