Garage storage: Is it time to raise the clutter?

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Demand for garage storage products continues to climb as home buyers seek more storage options across the whole home, including the garage. 
Beyond the standard storage items found in the garage from cabinets to slatwall, homeowners are literally looking up at the potential of overhead storage using automated storage lifts. 
Advantages of overhead storage are that it frees up floor space and provides easy access to stored items. 
Several products on the market include the following:
The Garage Organization Co. says its Power RAX Motorized Ceiling Storage System allows home owners to lower the storage platform off the ceiling with the push of a button. The unit comes with a 110V standard plug in motor, mounting systems, cables, pulleys and steel storage deck.
The Racor Ceiling Storage Heavy Lift, from Racor Storage Solutions, can create 16 square feet of additional storage space, the company says. Made of steel construction, the unit has a pulley system allowing the user to load and lift up to 250 pounds. The unit can be raised and lowered using a hand crank or attaching to a power drill.
The 4x8 ft. Auxx-Lift Premium from LFK Machinery stores up to 400 pounds, the company says. It has two 50 torque motors and each of its two montage rails are connected to at least four ceiling support for extra redundancy as a safety feature.
The Proslat Garage Gator 3’x6’ platform lift stores up to 275 pounds and the system comes with motor mounting plates, motor hoist, key lock for safety, 11 foot-wired push button controller, ceiling mount with channel bar and installation hardware.
The Unique Lift motorized system provides up to 96 cubic feet of storage space. It can store up to 500 pounds and has a 32-square-foot storage basket. Features include: 16’ maximum lift height, ½ HP 110 v. Electric motor, safety features and a user-friendly master switch box.

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