So you’ve got two people sharing one closet.

It could be a traditional his and hers scenario, or a more progressive his/his or hers/hers. Bottom line is that doesn’t really matters.

What matters is:

Who’s the “clothes horse” in the relationship.
How each of them feel about how the other uses the space.
How each of them feel about the allocation of space, as in, who gets how much.

This really fun closet project was a large space (yippee!). It’s a traditional his/her closet. And he was fine with her having most of the space. However, he didn’t want to see her mess (in other words, he’s not a fan of her “closet behavior”). He’s a neat freak. She’s not.

So in our first rendition of the design, we divided the space with a floor-to-ceiling peninsula so he would not have to see what was going on in her side of the room.

And we were putting a bench and full mirror facing the entrance so it didn’t feel too crowded.

But once we detailed all the design elements out, he decided that his side of the closet would be too dark and too small.

So, back to the drawing board. We ended up with a large island in the center. His space is on the right. Her space is on the left.

As you can see, he’s still going to be able to see what’s going on on her side of the closet. They negotiated this solution for the division of space and I actually feel better about the second design than I do about the first.

From there we figured out where specific things for each of them needed to go. We had angled shoe shelves for him and an area where he could just “dump” things so they would have a home.

For her we’ve got a pull-out for purses and places for both long and medium hang. We also have a somewhat crazy number of drawers. Fifty six in total, including two jewelry drawers that are lighted and have glass tops.

A long, but successful design negotiation process netted a really beautiful result. And if you’d like some insights on closet design for free, here’s access to my five favorite tips:

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