Can your designs contribute to well-being at home?
By Brian Dougherty
November 11, 2019 | 11:18 am CST

Photo By ClosetMaid

If the year 2019 has taught us anything, it’s that homebuyer tastes are shifting quickly, and builders are adapting just as fast.
Today’s homebuyers and renters are concerned with affordability and they’re focusing on how their next home will contribute to their well-being. To address their concerns, builders have reduced the size of new construction homes and apartments to create a more efficient product at an affordable price point. At the same time, competitive builders create thoughtful storage options so homebuyers and renters can more easily maintain an organized, clutter-free space.
Builders balance these objectives in three ways: By not sacrificing storage square-footage where it matters most, by creating a customizable closet system and by finding small ways to reduce costs in construction.

Storage square footage

Homebuyers and renters want a modern floorplan with a walk-in master bedroom closet and a large pantry. While they accept that a more affordable home will likely cost square footage, storage space where it matters most – the master bedroom and kitchen – is often non-negotiable.
Builders increasingly allow for this extra storage space in new homes and apartments.

Customizable closets

Storage systems aren’t one size fits all. Each renter or homeowner will have unique needs for their space, so manufacturers like ClosetMaid have designed products that adjust and adapt to a person’s lifestyle.
For example, a standard shelf and rod closet system offers limited efficiency for the space available. A builder that installs a customizable wire closet system gives the occupant the ability to add a double hang rod, drawers or adjustable shelving – effectively increasing storage capacity.

Reduce construction costs

A ventilated wire closet system is one of the most economical shelf systems available on the market. The wire system installs faster than painted wood, which allows a builder to move through the construction process faster.
Additionally, a wire closet system – commonly used in new construction – is easy for an occupant to maintain and can be easily customized once the new homeowner or renter moves in.
 By combining all three builder solutions, homebuyers and renters benefit from more affordable housing, smartly designed storage spaces and room to organize their life where it’s needed most.
These trends are expected to carry through to 2020, where building industry experts anticipate homebuyers will look beyond finishes and focus even more on well-being at home.
At the October 2019 KB Home Conference in Las Vegas, panelists led a discussion surrounding how manufacturer products in a home can enhance the wellness of the new homeowner or renter. Smart home technology has evolved to the point where homebuyers now expect a new home to come fully equipped with central controls, leading industry leaders to look ahead at what else can be done to enhance at-home well-being.
 From our perspective, smartly designed storage and organization will continue to lead the way to well-being at home.
 Brian Dougherty is the Vice President of Building and Strategic Sales in ClosetMaid’s Building Division. Dougherty leads and manages pull-through sales efforts in the new construction channel for single-family builders, multi-family developers and hospitality.

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