As I gather thoughts for my final post as ACSP President and prepare to transition our leadership, I hope to leave you all with a sense of the importance of volunteering and being involved. Perhaps it is a result of timing, as I, like many of you, am also reflecting upon 2018 and diving into what was good, what I could have done better and what I will change for 2019 that led me to reflect upon my ten year history of involvement with the ACSP and the benefits that I have received as a result.
Before that, I want to extend a big thank you to our Board, our members and the glue that holds all of these things together Janet Svazas. I’ve spent a lot of time laying out our accomplishments in previous posts, so my gratitude here will be more heartfelt. Truly, the time you have all invested reflects in our growing membership, the increasing popularity of our conference and certification programs and the general enthusiasm that can be felt all around.
And to our incoming President, Wendy Scott, you have already contributed so much to our efforts; I cannot wait to see what you will accomplish as our President. For those of you who may not know Wendy personally, or may not be aware of her impressive background, she is taking the reigns with a tremendous breadth of experience. She began her tenure in the industry in 2005, has been an ACSP member since 2014 and on our board since 2015. Her designs and contributions are repeatedly recognized by the likes of Houzz, this publication and at countless industry events. Her passion and commitment to improving not just our organization’s small slice of this industry, but the business as a whole will be invaluable to all of us. Wendy is the right choice to build upon the momentum we’ve achieved and also bring new initiatives forward for us to build up together under her leadership. I speak for all of us in wishing Wendy the best of luck and offering our support for her upcoming endeavors. Go Wendy!
As to my personal reflections on the importance of being involved and volunteering when possible, it is no secret I got started in the closet industry at probably the most inopportune time imaginable. There was a recession, companies were going out of business, and new home development was at an all-time low. At my first ACSP event, some industry veterans called me insane. Yet 10 years later, not only am I still here but my business continues to thrive and expand. I owe a large part of my success to networking and volunteering.
The relationships forged, the contacts I’ve made, the referrals, the knowledge and maybe even most important, the fun, have all been large contributing factors to my personal and professional success. John F. Kennedy noted, to those much is given, much is required and I’m here to offer a slightly different take. The effort you put forward into the ACSP, into improving our industry and into forging long-lasting relationships will come back to you. Personally, I have made lifelong friends. Professionally, well, I’m still here! Give of your time if you can. Expand your network. Take the call. My take on JFK’s quote is give of your time and good things will come.
Thank you again to everyone and my sincerest best wishes for the best year yet in 2019. Hope to see you all in Charlotte in March for the Cabinet & Closet Conference

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