As the trend towards smaller living areas continues, one of the larger questions looming for designers is how to make these spaces, whether a tiny home, urban apartment or condo, more functional as well as beautiful.

Of course, much depends on the clients and how they define the “less is more lifestyle” but another key is the availability of products that can match up seamlessly with those needs. A few creative designers are taking products already on the market and re-purposing/adapting them to meet these unique space challenges. And as the tiny home trend continues to grow more mainstream, with more tiny home builders coming online, suppliers are taking note and developing products specifically for the market.

A few key accessories include: wall-mounted shelves, multi-functional folding furniture and accessories and wall beds. Following are just a few options available from Richelieu Hardware ( and Hafele America (

Swiveling tabletop
This tabletop swivel fitting hardware solution from Hafele America is ideal for creating and adapting areas where space is a premium, or where a space is required to be dual use. The swiveling tabletop solution can be used to function as a home office or be re-purposed for additional dining space in a kitchen. The ability to swivel out allows it to extend areas when required and swivel back into a closed position when not needed.

Butterfly table mechanism
From Richelieu Hardware, the “Butterfly” mechanism is the smart solution for transforming a small everyday table into a large dining table that seats six people comfortably.  The mechanism opens by pulling up on the upper cover and putting it down on the smaller cover that automatically comes out from inside the box.

Swing wardrobe rail
The Swing Wardrobe Rail from Hafele America provides versatility in any wardrobe or custom closet organization solution.
The Hafele Swing Wardrobe has a chrome finish and 180-degree pivoting range. It is wall mounted and comes with mounting screws included.

Samo pull-out table
For small gatherings the Samo Pull Out Table from Richelieu Hardware seats up to three. It can also act as a folding table in a laundry room or a place to pack your suitcase in a large closet. The space-saving system consists of a pull-out peninsula tabletop stored in a space normally used for a drawer. The table pulls out instantly by simply opening the hinged front of the drawer space. Created to cater to needs of functionality in small spaces, the company says this runner is ideal for small kitchens and kitchenettes needing a tabletop for breakfast or simply as an extension of the worktop for preparing meals, as it can be extended up to a maximum of 1,100mm (43-5/16 inches).

Multi-functional beds
The multi-functional beds from Richelieu Hardware can hide behind a couch, double as a workstation and includes a metal frame with wooden slats, just like conventional beds.
With this product the user can turn any living space into a bedroom, which is a must when it comes to small apartments and other micro-living environments.

Pullout table systems
Hafele America’s Pull-Out Table Systems provide added workspace in the kitchen or other areas of a small space without taking up too much room. The Rapid Pull-Out System is a self-supporting table that can be installed in place of a drawer or in between two cabinets. The Presto Pull-Out Table System consists of a housing with a rolled out tabletop and leg assembly. The Top Flex Pull-Out Table System provides an extension length of 810mm and a load bearing capacity 66 pounds.

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