Making sure customers are happy is job Number #1 for any service business, especially a home improvement contractor and remodeler. If customers are not satisfied they will complain — loudly, and perhaps online — to anyone who will listen. Listed below are the three top complaints posted at Consumer Affairs’ website.

1) Wrong Measurements

“After paying $11,000 for a garage closet install, they had measured an entire wall wrong. Basically, we paid for a whole lot of extra inches of cabinet. Instead of sitting down and going over the overage cost that we originally were paying for, we settled with them by graciously allowing them to do a few extra cabinets, not knowing if it was actually the overage we paid for. One day after install, a door fell completely off one of the closets. The manager was very accusatory that we caused the door to come off. We hadn’t even put the cars in the garage yet and weren’t completely finished loading it!”

2) Damage During Installation

“The guy who installed in my laundry room moved the dryer. Apparently it came out of the wall and I didn’t know. The room filled up with constant moisture and debris for about two weeks until I climbed behind the dryer to see it. The shelving buckled and they are saying I spilled something and it’s not their fault. I have pics to prove otherwise and I am only 5’2” — I can’t even reach the shelf that’s ruined. Over $7,000 in work and they won’t waive the $150. Bad business!”

3) Not Honoring Warranties

“I have called numerous times in the past couple of weeks. All I wanted was one freaking bar to be re-cut that they cut too short... I didn’t even have them schedule an appointment. I measured the bar and sent photos in an email, so all they have to do is cut it and mail it to me. All I have gotten was promises from them that they have sent it, or “Oops! What, the guys in the factory didn’t send it?”

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