2024 closet and storage trends
Posted by Larry Adams

The Organized Living brand urges you to 'give customers what they want.' 

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Seeking the newest and latest home trends? Organized Living, which was recognized as the Best Home Organization Brand during the 2023 BUILD Construction & Engineering Awards, has released its list of 2024 closets and storage trends.

Make room for the elevated entryway
Entryways set the tone and should encompass a sense of serenity and calmness when entering the door. According to America at Home Study, having better storage options was ranked number 4 as a feature homebuyers would be willing to pay more for. Thoughtful storage is vital in the entryway, and homebuyers are seeking solutions to maximize the space and create an elevated experience when entering the home. Consider adding built-in cabinetry, shelving, or an adjustable system like the company's freedomRail solution, allowing homebuyers to transform their space's look and function as their lifestyle changes.office

Flex spaces aren’t going anywhere
Forbes claims flex spaces are highly considered when designing a room to future-proof the area. As home square footage is limited and homebuyers’ budget demands are rising, flex space options are a high priority when buying a new home.

Dual-duty spaces that accommodate working from home, drop zones, storage space, entertainment, and more are critical for today's homebuyers.

Satisfy your homebuyer’s demands by including ample storage and organization solutions to accommodate a multifunctional design.

Sustainable natural materials matter

The idea of a healthy home has gained momentum in recent years as homebuyers focus on living spaces free of harmful toxins. Eco Pulse reports that 66% of Millennials are concerned about indoor air quality.

At Organized Living, we ensure that all our products are designed and manufactured without releasing harmful VOCs or toxins into the environment. By aligning our values with the evolving priorities of homebuyers, we aim to create healthier living environments and contribute to a more sustainable future for industry. Understanding what’s important to homebuyers can help you build a healthier home and join our mission of moving the industry forward sustainably.

Blue is making a comeback
America’s top color experts at Behr, Valspar, Sherwin Williams, and Benjamin Moore selected their choices for the 2024 Colors of the Year. Paint companies chose varying neutral and cool-toned colors, celebrating a rejuvenating start to the New Year! Blues are a great way to bring color into the home while remaining neutral.

Paint doesn’t have to be the only way to incorporate color into the home. Consider adding cabinetry, shelving, tile work, and flooring to bring variety into the homes you build.

Are you curious to know what colors are forecasted to trend in 2024? Check them out here.

walk-in closet Mental wellness is essential
Homes provide us with stability and a sense of well-being. The UCLA Center on Everyday Lives and Families found that physical clutter can increase our bodies' cortisol levels, a stress hormone.

Having a designated storage system can help keep your homebuyers' belongings organized and in their proper place. This can help reduce stress and make it easier to find what they need when they need it.

The freedomRail product is a great storage option that can keep up with your homebuyer's lifestyle and adjust to fit their needs. Differentiate the homes you build by offering ample storage throughout the entire home to support stress reduction and overall mental wellness for your buyers.

Homebuyers are happy when they have a place to put their stuff. By incorporating these trends into the homes you build, you are guaranteed to have satisfied homebuyers! To learn more about the products and programs Organized Living has in place to make storage and organization easy for Builders, visit organizedliving.com/builders.


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