Myth vs. reality infographic dispels waterborne coating myths

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CLEVELAND - Sherwin-Williams, through its Industrial Wood Coatings Division, has developed an infographic that dispels popular myths behind waterborne coatings, which Sherwin-Williams says is one of the fastest-growing coating technologies in the wood products industry.
“Shops still using solvent-based finishes might be surprised to learn about what waterborne finishes have to offer in 2017,” said Joe Kujawski, global director of marketing, Sherwin-Williams Industrial Wood Coatings. “Our new ‘Myth vs Reality’ infographic is a fast, informative way for wood finishers to gain a better understanding of the fact that what’s available today in waterborne is light years ahead of what was available even five years ago.”
The infographic presents facts that dispel each of these myths about today’s waterborne coatings:
  • Myth #1 – Waterborne coatings are more expensive than solvent-based coatings
  • Myth #2 – Products finished in a waterborne coating have a poor look and feel
  • Myth #3 – Waterborne coatings don’t perform as well as solvent-based coatings
  • Myth #4 – Waterborne coatings won’t help you grow your business

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