Founded in 1993 by Jason M. Voth, JMV Woodworks began as a commercial millwork company, producing furniture for dental and medical doctors’ offices including cabinetry and reception desks, as well as storefronts, jersey cases and Brenka Box all-in-one gaming centers. Spurred by client requests to manufacture products for the home, the Abbotsford, British Columbia- based JMV Woodworks soon expanded its offerings to include kitchen and bath cabinets, laundry rooms, wet bars, closet systems and other residential furniture and casegoods.

With its base in the Vancouver, B.C.-area, JMV’s ( clients are mainly in the mainland, notes John Sarkozy, project engineer. “But we have done work for other areas such as Merritt and Salt Spring Island. Whistler is a particularly busy area for us. People have been spending an incredible amount of money building up the Sunshine Coast.”

Buoyed in part by referrals from highly satisfied customers, JMV boasts an excellent reputation for quality and service. The company has grown in stature as well as size, expanding its facility to 21,000 square feet and adding additional highly-skilled crafts- man and high-tech woodworking technology.

About three years ago, JMV Woodworks began looking for a new software provider after becoming dissatisfied with its previous vendor’s product.

“We had worked with another software provider since the early 1990s but they didn’t meet our needs,” says Sarkozy. “We found the software difficult to use and the support was severely lacking. In addition, the pro- gram was expensive and updates were erratic. It was a very frustrating situation. We looked at other options. One program was extremely expensive, with a cost of $100,000 to purchase and set up, and it seemed it would take six to nine months to be able to learn the program.”

A solution was found, Sarkozy says, after he and some others from the company saw a presentation by Mozaik at the AWFS woodworking show in Las Vegas. Based on that Voth, JMV founder and owner, recommended they give the Mozaik CNC Complete software package a try.

“[Mozaik] had a whole different philosophy,” Sarkozy notes. “We were extremely happy with the three-month trial and the support offered by Mozaik. The software does what we want it to do. It wasn’t difficult to learn and compared with other software options, it was affordable.”

Winner of a 2013 Visionary Award at the AWFS Fair, the Mozaik CNC software solution can go from design to 100 percent machine ready G-Code with ease. The CNC version includes all the features of Mozaik Design, Mozaik Manufacturing, and Mozaik Optimization, plus has ready-to-run setups for CNC machining of MDF doors and dovetail drawers. Also new is EcoNest, which enables companies to nest parts on the CNC router without vacuum. Mozaik’s software is written and maintained entirely by an in-house development team.

That’s a big plus, says Sarkozy, who adds that Mozaik’s low monthly fee of $125 a month also is very affordable.

“One of our biggest gripes with the software we previously used was the poor sup- port. We spent around $3,000 to $4,000 a year for support but were only given an email address for a help forum. We were not provided phone access or the ability to go online.”

In contrast, Sarkozy says, “We are very happy with the support we receive from Mozaik. Our rep responds in minutes to our calls. The support is fantastic, but it has to be in our line of work. Anyone in woodworking knows that you don’t want to be waiting around all day for a response. Mozaik is also very great about contacting us with major updates.”

The impact of computers on today’s wood- working businesses can’t be minimized, Sarkozy adds.

“When I started in woodworking, we did cutlists by hand. You figured everything out with a calculator or paper and pencil. With things like AutoCAD, what used to take days now takes hours or less. A curved custom piece is no longer the labor-intensive project that took hours to accomplish. By hand there are so many variables – computers can do the work today quickly and accurately,” says Sarkozy.

Mozaik’s software system is used in a variety of operations, including the cutting of cabinetry on the CNC router. “It used to be that CNC routers were priced beyond what many manufacturers could afford. But today, it’s like the flat screen TVs,” he adds.

Along with improved productivity with CNC technology, the attention to detail JMV pro- vides commercial and residential customers helps set it apart from the competition.

“The quality of our product is very important to us,” Sarkozy says. “We strive to be ‘150 percent’ accurate, with a quality product that doesn’t leave here until we are sure of it. We also know being on time with orders is important to our clients — and we are always on time.

“We consider ourselves to be partners with our customers,” he adds. “These are things that are a priority to us and have helped us earn a reputation for quality and reliability. We service what we sell and we don’t cut corners.”

A hit program

The right software is critical to the success of any manufacturing operation. JMV Woodworks learned this firsthand when it became dissatisfied with its previous supplier’s product and service.

“One of our biggest gripes with the software we previously used was the poor support,” says John Sarkozy, project engineer. “We spent around $3,000 to $4,000 a year for support but were only given an email address for a help forum.”

The custom millwork firm turned instead to Mozaik Software’s Mozaik CNC, which it saw at the AWFS Fair. The award-winning screen-to-machine software solution for cabinets, commercial casework, closets, furniture and more, proved to be the perfect solution.

Sarkozy notes that customer support by Mozaik also has been “great.” Also, a subscription to Mozaik CNC is only $125 per month and includes updates, support, training videos, an online knowledge base and customer forums, and a link to the CNC router. Mozaik CNC also seamlessly integrates with Sketchup, providing the tools needed to design and model most projects.

Based in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Mozaik Software has more than 30 years of experience in the woodworking industry. The company’s award-winning products include: Mozaik Design for the showroom, Mozaik Manufacturing for the custom shop, Mozaik Optimization for nesting parts, Mozaik CNC for nesting flat table CNC Routers, and the Mozaik Paperless Shop Tablet Apps for cutting, labeling, and assembling automation.

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