Moulders: Frequently Asked Questions
March 4, 2013 | 3:45 pm CST

Moulders: Frequently Asked QuestionsMoulders: Frequently Asked Questions

The customer wants only one piece of moulding and I’ve not produced the profile before. How do I avoid losing money while meeting demand?
Custom profile knives can be produced cost-efficiently in-house and the measurements entered into the computerized moulder. Motorized spindle positioning sets the spindles into the proper position, resulting in a piece that is accurate the first time, with no set-up sticks produced.

How can I reduce the cost per lineal foot of moulding to remain competitive?
Technology such as high cutterhead RPM makes it possible to maintain a high rate of feed with an excellent surface finish. Also, material handling in front and behind the moulder allows for a highly automated process, with less handling and a lower cost per lineal foot.

I sometimes have to mix and match runs. How can I ensure dimensional accuracy from one run to the next so the miter joint is aesthetically pleasing and not offset?
Make sure to have an accurate tooling measurement system. On a moulder with motorized spindle positioning, that will help to ensure that the profile produced today and one produced next month will be dimensionally identical.

My shop keeps a stock of moulding to fill orders quickly. Because it may take a month or more for this inventory to be sold, a percentage of the stock will warp, become dirty or otherwise unsalable. Help.
Today’s moulders offer quick setup so batches can be produced quickly, and inventory reduced or eliminated.

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