TigerStop Improves Cutting Accuracy and Safety
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VANCOUVER, WA – TigerStop has expanded its ripping automation product line by offering TigerRip 1000 as an add‐on system, now able to be adapted to an existing rip saw. Previously only available as an entire straight line rip saw system, the new add‐on offering allows manufacturers to affordably add material optimization and rip saw automation functions to existing equipment with three product configurations:
1. in‐feed table and automated fence;
2. in‐feed table, automated fence and saw; or,
3. the entire system of the in‐feed table, automated fence, saw and return conveyor.
The automation and material optimization that result from incorporating TigerRip 1000 is usually only attributed to larger, all‐inclusive saw systems, which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. TigerRip 1000 enables small to medium‐sized shops to affordably add large shop performance and efficiency. “To keep costs low, large shops greatly rely on highly sophisticated, automated saw systems,” says company founder and President, Spencer Dick. “With modular TigerRip 1000, we’ve now made it possible for small and medium‐sized shops to add that same level of technology, efficiency, and performance to their existing rip saws.” 
Through Dynamic OptimizationTM of random width lumber, TigerRip 1000’s intelligent width positioning and optimizing fence automates ripping and provides shops with unsurpassed material yield, vastly increasing performance efficiency and lowering material waste. TigerRip 1000 also has the ability to track cut list progress and provide ink‐jet labeling on each strip. This means you can rip only what you need when you need it (rip on demand) and easily determine where the ripped strips go next. Because of its unique ability to combine random width panel and fixed width strips as well as multiple orders of like species and thickness, TigerRip1000 is the only system that provides the highest possible yields on every job for small to mid‐sized shops.
TigerRip 1000 Features:
Dynamic OptimizationTM enables simultaneous optimization of panel and fixed widths
Track cut‐list progress – keeps track of lineal footage of fixed width strips and square footage of random width panel strips
Ink‐jet strip‐labeling for easy sorting of next process and combined jobs
Lean production ‐ rip only what is needed, when it’s needed, by job or by batch
Optimized production ‐ batch multiple jobs for increased yield
Ease of operation by unskilled labor
Increased safety – operator remains in a safe zone away from saw in‐feed
TigerRip 1000’s add‐on components are available now.

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