Lockdowel, a new tool-less cabinetry and furniture fastening system that simplifies manufacture and assembly, will see its first U.S. trade show at AWFS Fair 2015. The patented Lockdowel fastener also used on casegoods, RTA furniture, drawers, closets, and store fixtures.

The patented Lockdowel system consists of a male connector pin that snaps into the female latch housing. Spring guide pins provide additional stability and rigidity, allowing you to design products that can only be put together one way, reducing mistakes, and product returns.

Lockdowel will be exhibiting at Booth 9918. Two machinery companies - SCM, Booth 8600, and Gannomat, Booth 7424 - will show automated equipment that inserts the Lockdowel System.

SCM will showcase the new Lockdowel/Omal Insert 1300.  This CNC boring and insertion machine provides cost-effective, precise, repeatable placement of Lockdowel hardware.  It is capable of edge-boring and insertion as well as face-boring of the workpiece.  The Insert 1300 has a capacity of up to 180 panels per hour.

Gannomat will demonstrate two Lockdowel-capable machines, the Index Trend for CNC edge-boring and hardware insertion; and the Express S1, capable of face-boring and insertion. 

The evolution of the Lockdowel System continues as customers and machine tool engineers realize how simple the fastener is to use – both for commercial work such as cabinets, casegoods and store fixtures – as well as consumer-oriented RTA furniture.

"Most of our customers want their goods to withstand the test of time and durability. That's where Lockdowel shines," says Macdonald. The invisible joint doesn't loosen over time, regardless of use, vibration or other environmental stress, adding appeal for manufacturers of cabinetry, casegoods and RTA furniture.

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See video showing RTA furniture made using Lockdowel

A video at bottom of this article shows manual insertion of Lockdowel

The Lockdowel System can be adjusted to provide a wide selection of fastening options depending on the intended life of the installation or product. Lockdowel fasteners can be engineered for easy installation and dismantling - for example, use in trade show booths.

While RTA furniture manufacturers have begun adopting the Lockdowel 10x6 mm fastener system (male pin, female latch housing and 8mm metal spring pin).

"But cabinetmakers that have mastered and designed their manufacturing lines to support wood dowel construction are less apt to move to the entire Lockdowel fastener system," Macdonald says.

So some are choosing to use the Lockdowel fastener as an internal "clamping devise" with a wood dowel and glue. This "clamp and wood dowel" use allows cabinet manufacturers to "clamp" the cabinet in their existing case clamp machine, but the moment the case clamp is completely closed it then opens, transferring the clamping retention to Lockdowel internal clamp.

Lockdowel is already part of the Cabinet Vision hardware library. The fastener is also being designed into other major CAD software packages.  With increased demand from the manufacturing side, other machine manufacturers are also modifying their existing CNC equipment to support Lockdowel.


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