At AWFS Fair, JLT will feature Cameron Automation quick chop and Taylor 8-section Door Pro in its Booth #8232.

The Cameron Automation quick chop can chop in lineal as well as in square feet, and it has the ability to chop for panel sizes. Saw blade is guarded and located away from the Cameron Quick Chop operator. It can chop 30 lineal feet per minute with one operator, and chop multiple cut bills at one time.

The Door Pro features 8 full clamping sections with JLT’s Plastic Border Package for MDF and melamine doors. It can clamp and square cope and stick doors with two-second pneumatic squaring. It has adjustable final rotation height for workers of various statures. Trident Pin system provides easy changeovers of various size doors. Machine has 26 x 61 inch inside clamping capacity. See

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