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Cutting & Grinding (Cutting Tools & Grinders)

How many panels can I cut with this bit?

The question of expected yield per bit is one that every cutting tool salesperson and customer service specialist in the tooling business has been asked hundreds, if not thousands of times. While an approximate range/number can be provided in response, it requires the caveat that anticipated yield is based on the presumption that all outside factors that influence tool performance are optimal, so the tool itself can cut as intended.

Cutting & Grinding (Cutting Tools & Grinders)

Tooling bits & selection tips for woodworking

The decision to invest in a CNC machining center is subject to careful consideration and cost analysis, yet when it comes to cutting tool selection, often the decisions are price-driven with quality and safety barely being a secondary consideration. What follows is a brief look at the importance of proper cutting tool selection and the outside factors that affect tooling choice as well as other considerations that will directly influence the machining cycle. Start with parameters