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Jim Lewis

Jim Lewis has worked in the furniture industry for 40 years with a special emphasis on facilitating the transformation process for businesses embracing the Lean Business Model.  Jim’s company, The Center for Lean Learning, is headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI, with an office in St. Thomas, ON, Canada.  He is a consultant, author, and writer.  Jim’s books include, “The Journey to Excellence – Successfully Applying Lean Thinking in Your Business,” “A Testament to Lean Thinking – Cases for Change,” and a series of ebooklets under the main title “Applying Lean Thinking.”  The books are in ebook format and are available through all major ebook retailers and through

Lean Manufacturing

Employing buffer management for continuous flow

If you google “Buffer Management” you will get a variety of results that focus mainly on buffers used to pad time for a task in project management or a deliberate amount time built into a project management timeline to facilitate nuances that might occur. That sounds a lot like waste to me, and it in no way captures the essence of this article and how you can employ buffer management to create continuous flow.

FDMC Magazine

Is your lean initiative sticky or stuck?

Is your lean initiative sticky or stuck? In 25 years of facilitating lean transformations in a variety of business and industry environments I have discovered that many a well-intended business owner strays from the lean path after the excitement and adrenaline rush has subsided. Why is lean not sticky enough for some?