You might think you are dreaming to hear of a bed costing that much, but that’s the price tag of the new Restino.

According to Inventor Spot, the Restino is a high-tech marvel created by Simmons and Panasonic, with advise from a Japanese professor, to help insomniacs and heavy sleepers alike enjoy a more restful sleep.

At the heart of the Restino is its “sleep environmental system,” consisting of interactive mood lighting, a 5-inch color LCD TV and a set of built-in speakers. These interconnected devices are activated by sensors built into the mattress.

Upon getting in bed, the sensors turn on the soft lights and gentle music to help you drift off to sleep. These devices automatically turn off when the sensors detect a reduction in movement. Instead of an alarm, the system’s lights gradually illuminate and sounds like chirping birds or running water help gently wake you from sleep.

Sounds great in theory, but figuring out how to afford such a good night’s sleep would keep most of us awake.

Read full Inventor Spot report.

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