Wood Adhesive Funded by Venture Capital
Bioformix Appoints Holzer to Sales Position

Wood Adhesive Funded by Venture Capital  BLUE ASH, OH - Wood products start-up firm Bioformix says its uniquely formulated Nexabond 2500 adhesive - designed for cabinetry and millwork professionals - dramatically cuts assembly time, allowing products and projects to achieve high strength quickly.

Headed by Adam Malofsky PhD, CEO and Bernard Malofsky, PhD, Chief Scientist and CTO, the company has received $13.6 million in investment to fund its polymer resin development. The adhesives, intended for use in wood, electronics and automotive products, are said to cure at ambient temperatures and have minimal environmental impact.

Board members have background at firms like Avery and Loctite. The company says its technolgy hastens the bonding process and eliminates energy input for curing. Here's how Bioformix describes it at bioformix.com:

Higher speed manufacturing, energy elimination in polymerization and curing, the enhancement of physical and environmental performance, the elimination of solvents and complex equipment use are all examples of where Bioformix’s technologies can hit the income statement with a bang. We are not about incremental improvements - we are about the revolutionary, step function changes that deliver powerful value. Accordingly, Bioformix’s core disubstituted vinyl monomer technology is all about molecules that can polymerize at fantastic speeds with minor or no energy input and, versus cyanoacrylates, deliver epoxy, polyurethane and like performance.

 Our monomer platforms can be monofunctional, multifunctional and we can derivatize almost any resin backbone with these monomers to allow them as do the monomers.

Accordingly, our new monomers represent a broad platform, with the potential for dozens of monomers and a nearly infinite array of plastics, polymers and resins.

Virtually all other sustainable initiatives are focused on a single chemical structure, so their applications are quite limited.

Our monomer’s raw materials can be sourced from petroleum feed-stocks or via sustainable routes, such as direct fermentation from sugar, thereby allowing Bioformix to use the most cost-effective source. In all cases, the products provide superior performance in their applications versus competitive products and are not marketed simply because they are green.

As noted, energy savings are the dominant feature via a high speed (seconds or less) cure that requires no heat input. By example, eliminating heat for adhesive and binder cure allows for dramatic energy savings and the selection of lower cost, non-heat resistant materials in products.

Investors include the Queen City Angels, and CincyTech, a public-private venture development organization that invests in startup businesses in high-tech industries in Southwest Ohio.


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