Who Made Hitler's Desk?

Hitler's desk - one of his desks - was recently rediscovered in a Berlin store room where it had been held since 2000.

Who Made Hitler's Desk? Renewed interest in its provenance may have been stimulated by D-Day observances this week.

The U.S. took possession of this desk at the end of World War II, and it served anonymously in a rest home for U.S. soldiers in Berlin, according to a report in the London Daily Mail.

 Rediscovered, it was returned to the German government in 1996 following reunification, and has been held in Weissensee, in the Berlin area, since.

Who made it? It was built in 1937 by M. Ballin, Mobel-Fabrik (Furniture Maker), with four locking drawers and has four lockable drawers. Those lockable drawers on that diminutive desk, may signify Hitler's conscious awareness of the evil he was planning and perpetrating while seated before it.

Who Made Hitler's Desk? M. Ballin was established in 1863 in Munich. It touched U.S. shores when it built part of the German exhibit for the St. Louis World's Fair in 1904.

Another desk attributed to Hitler sits in the Dorset Museum, this one also with lockable front doors. 

Another desk associated with Hitler was part of the formal furnishings designed by Third Reich architect Albert Speer, which served as a backdrop for Hitler's appearances with guests. Who Made Hitler's Desk?


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