Six Tips on Phenolic-Backed Veneer Installation
April 30, 2013 | 11:58 am CDT
Six Tips on Phenolic-Backed Veneer Installation

Six Tips on Phenolic-Backed Veneer InstallationPhenolic Veneer is a sheet of real wood veneer of any given species with a phenolic backer. The following are six facts about phenolic-backed veneer. 

1. A phenolic back is basically a plastic resin that backs a sheet of wood veneer.

2. Phenolic backers are water resistant, making it a good choice for coating the back of the wood veneer. The water resistance prevents the adhesive from interacting with the stain or finish, which is the cause of many finish problems such as bubbling or cracking.

3. While not as flexible as 10 mil paper backed veneer, phenolic backed veneer installs easily.

4. Phenolic-backed veneer can be cut with a knife---as opposed to a router or saw---for ease of on-site application

5. Phenolic-backed veneer creates a stable surface that easily covers most imperfections in the underlying substrate.

6. Because of its similarity in structure to plastic laminates, such as Formica or WilsonArt brand, phenolic-backed veneer is a good choice for installation over dissimilar surfaces---such as covering a project that has both wood and metal surfaces.

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