Quiet Saw Blade Makes Sharp Cuts

Quiet Saw Blade Makes Sharp CutsIt’s quieter, but keep your ears covered. While NAP Gladu’s new SuperSilent saw blades have reduced noise levels by 20 decibels, it’s not a reason to take off your hearing protectors. But it may make you feel a little better if you weren’t sure they were working before. The blades are 70% quieter than average saw blades.

NAP Gladu says SuperSilent blades make scalpel-like cuts on solid wood and all types of panel: chipboard, MDF, plywood and even abrasive materials such as laminate, which can make for really noisy cutting.

Why are they quiet? It’s how the blade is formed. The company says its patented “MicroGeo” saw geometry provides effortless, uninterrupted sawing in both rip and crosscut applications.

The 2mm ultra-thin kerf and polycrystalline diamond tips on the saw blade teeth produce smooth cuts and also extend blade life compared to carbide tipped blades, the company adds.

The blade design also effectively directs debris away from the cutting path. The Direct Chip-Guide design captures chips during rotation; special notches located under each tooth collect dust and chips, and provide chip removal for a cleaner board.

Another nice thing: because the blade design tends to direct debris away from the cutting path, you can see the line you are cutting.

While the blades were designed to slice through wood while keeping noise levels down, NAP Gladu says the same features also extend their life spans. “The SuperSilent blades last up to six times longer than other blades,” says Brett Reid, NAP Gladu’s national sales manager, which “reduces the need for time-consuming tool changes.”


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