Are You Ready for More Sales?
August 15, 2011 | 5:39 pm CDT
Ready or Not, Controversial Product Safety Website Goes Live

It’s often said that less is more.

That may hold true for bombastic drum solos and Pauly Shore movies, but when it comes to sales of closet and cabinet products, less is quite simply less.

I think I speak for the vast majority of woodworking companies that have grown weary of making do with less sales -- and profits. As an industry, we have lowered our expectations while making difficult, sometimes gut-wrenching decisions to bring expenses in line with declining revenues.

But chins up. The conventional wisdom is that the worst is over and the economic pendulum is beginning to swing in the positive direction. The housing market has stabilized and is expected to continue to grow, albeit, slowly. Home remodeling is projected to advance a bit more quickly, as home owners look to move forward with renovation projects they have put on hold.

Most economists see 2011 as a year of slow but steady growth, a foreshadowing of bigger and better things for 2012.

Are You Ready?
Chances are you have seen some positive signs of your own and have given thought to what are the logical steps to take so that your company to capitalize on the economic rebound.

But if you truly want to maximize your opportunities to jump start your business and gain an edge on your competition, I strongly recommend attending the 7th Closets & Home Organization Conference & Expo, featuring the 2nd Custom Cabinet Conference, Feb. 23-25 in Charlotte, NC. Not only will you be able to gain insight from seasoned professionals who will be speaking at the conference, you will have the chance to swap ideas and experiences with peers from throughout North America.

Working closely with the Association of Closet and Storage Professionals, CLOSETS magazine has crafted a program that will offer relative newcomers and industry veteran’s information and ideas that they can take back and apply to their operations to capitalize on new opportunities for sales and growth.

As an added plus, attendees of the Closets Conference can feel free to stray to concurrent tracks of the 2nd Custom Cabinet Conference, led by members of the Cabinet Makers Assn.

In all, the Closets/Cabinet Conferences offer more than two dozen profit-driven educational sessions, including:

  • The Art of Pricing Profitably
  • How to Become a Million Dollar Salesperson
  • Showrooms & Sales Management
  • Business Dashboard and Metrics Management
  • 14 Steps of the Sale
  • Working with Designers & Architects
  • Making Dollars & Sense of Your Advertising Expenses

The Closets Expo offers an opportunity to see products and demonstrations, including many never shown before. The expo features three pavilions: Cabinet Products, Extreme Garage and the TechCentre. The latter is the hub of a new addition to the Closets Event: Wood Tech Summit, which will include free interactive presentations on CNC machining and software integration.

Get Ready, Be There
Discount registration remains open for the Closets/Cabinets Conferences.

Come to Charlotte and discover how more is more - no Pauly Shore drum solos. Guaranteed.

Learn more about this extraordinarily unique event and register at or

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