The Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum is the first presidential library in the United States. Built under the personal direction of FDR in 1940, he thought that the vast quantities of documents during his four terms should be accessible to US citizens.

FDR Library. Photo: Re-View

Prior to the construction of the museum, presidential documents remained in the families of the past presidents and hopefully made it to the national archives. Roosevelt was the first to make his documents available to the public and even donated the 16 acres where the museum sits.

Photos taken of the wood windows before restoration.

Re-View manufactured historically accurate wood window replicas to match the design of the originals. Every detail was meticulously matched to maintain the accuracy of the original architecture. All joinery was mortise and tenon and we used mahogany wood to make sure the windows will last another 75+ years. In addition to manufacturing precise wood window replicas for treasured landmarks, Re-View also restores historic wood and steel windows.

The historic wood windows were replicated with mahogany.

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