Large-scale mass-timber building completed in Washington
November 8, 2021 | 4:39 pm CST
Lakeside Building is a mass-timber construction building in Kirkland, Wash.

Lakeside Building is a mass-timber construction building in Kirkland, Wash.

Photo By LMN Architects

Joists and timber
LMN Architects used large-scale mass timber to construct the Lakeside Office building.

Seattle, Washington –  The Lakeview Office Building in Kirkland, Washington in Kirkland, Wash., is the first large-scale mass timber office development in Kirkland and has been designed to be a sustainable office building “in dialogue with Kirkland’s waterfront, commercial district, and the adjacent residential neighborhood,” according to LMN Architects. 

The 46,000-sq.-ft. building features large, prefabricated wood elements acted that were connected on site. The SPF Dowel Laminated Timber (DLT) ceilings contrast with the Douglas Fir Glulam beams and pay tribute to the forests of the region. 

Lakeview Office interior.
An office suite in the Lakeside Office building.

The building is a model of sustainable design, using carbon-sequestering mass timber with raw materials sourced from the forests of the Pacific Northwest. The structural floor and roof panels are prefabricated DLT panels. The panels were manufactured with hardwood dowels instead of glue, and their all-wood composition makes them sustainable and ideal for improved air quality and comfort. 

Gerald Epp Jr., Business Development Engineer, StructureCraft, comments: “All of the mass timber components were engineered and fabricated offsite as a kit-of-parts. This not only promoted safety and quality with most of the work being done in a controlled shop environment, but also facilitated rapid erection on site. The warm aesthetic and biophilic environment of exposed timber construction is inspiring developers and building owners in Washington and across North America to use it in their next commercial development.”

John Chau, Partner, LMN Architects, comments: “The Lakeview Office Building demonstrates our commitment to innovation, research and sustainability. The design of the building was informed by the contemporary demands of a sustainable modern office building, the nature around the site, and our curiosity for construction innovation. Collaborating with HEWITT on the living roof, and with Sierra Construction, StructureCraft and Coughlin Porter Lundeen on the mass timber structure has been rewarding and we are very proud of what we have accomplished together with Cascade Management.”

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