WOOD 100 2013: Mill-Rite's Successful Architectural Strategy
September 8, 2013 | 8:49 pm CDT

WOOD 100 2013: Mill-Rite's Successful Architectural Strategy

Mill-Rite Woodworking Co. Inc., Pinellas Park, FL — The architectural millwork firm has developed a winning strategy for maximizing the productivity and profitability in the manufacture of its casework, wall panels, countertops, door and window frames and standing and running trim.

Sales for the company grew 5.1% in 2012, and Mill-Rite expects 2013 sales to also increase, says Gregg Marrocco, business development. However, he adds, “Price cutting is and has always been a concern due to the competitive bid process and the requirement by owners to almost always go with the low bidder.” To combat that, Marrocco says,”We are becoming more streamlined and are concentrating on maximizing shop time and communication from architects during the design phase of the project.”

Mill-Rite handles all manufacturing and fabrication, as well as pre-construction, design, value-engineering and installation. At the 44,000 square foot plant, Mill-Rite recently added an automated edgebander to improve productivity. In addition, Marrocco says, “We have purchased and set up our own granite saw and associated work area so that we can control the stone portion of our jobs and get a competitive edge on the market.”

Jobs run the gamut and include: sports complexes, such as Tampa Bay Lightning’s locker room; hotel and condos; commercial facilities; healthcare facilities; and financial, government and educational institutions.

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WOOD 100 2013: Mill-Rite's Successful Architectural Strategy

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