VANCOUVER  - Canfor Corporation (TSX:CFP) says it will acquire the assets of Wynndel Box and Lumber Ltd., a producer of premium boards and customized specialty wood products sold under the brand name WynnWood. 

Significantly, Canfor also gains Wynndel's access rights to exceptionally high-quality fiber, which it says will advance Canfor's ability to produce a broader mix of higher value specialty products. The acquisition of assets includes a sawmill located in Wynndel, BC with an annual production capacity of 65 million board feet, and approximately 65,000 cubic metres of annual harvesting rights in the Kootenay Lake Timber Supply Area. 

"This acquisition will further increase our focus on specialty markets worldwide," said Canfor CEO Don Kayne, "to further grow and diversify the product line we are able to provide to our global customers." 

Since 2008 Wynndel says it has invested $20 million in lumber production, upgrading its planer to what it says is the most advanced board finish line in the world. It installed a Super-Thundermac high-speed moulder that runs at 1000 fbm and producing planed products with a near sanded finish.

Five kilns dry wood to an average moisture content of 12 percent. In 2010 a pair of dry humidification kilns was added to provide precision control over drying for the highest quality woods, delivering a dried and stabilized wood product with a gentler way of drying and a longer shelf life as a result of less moisture content in the wood.

A million dollar investment in an acrylic emulsion vacuum priming and pre-finishing facility was made to deliver quality primed product. A thermally activated acrylic resin is vacuum applied, then dried in a 1500 degrees fahrenheit infrared gas dryer, giving the wood a low sheen finish.

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