SALT LAKE CITY -- Ipe Woods USA has specialized in Brazilian hardwoods, and especially Ipe wood. However, in some cases Ipe will not fit in a customer's budget or for aesthetic reasons, people choose different types of wood.

The latest product available at Ipe Woods USA is teak wood. Teak wood is rare and until recently was not part of the inventory due to its past that involved illegal and unethical harvesting. This type of wood is popular and is used for different things like boats, ships, outdoor furniture, countertops, and even flooring. Many industry professionals claim that teak wood is the finest wood on the planet.

Teak wood is the choice made by customers that want the finest wood and the price is no problem, according to Ipe Woods USA. A single board of teak wood can cost upwards of $3,000. The teak wood is extremely oily and due to its tight and dense grain and high tensile strength, it has extreme resistance to all types of weather. For this reason, this type of wood is very popular on boats, which may encounter all kinds of extreme weather conditions.

Teak wood is also ideal for outdoor applications. Ipe has become more popular than teak wood only because it's more accessible and affordable. For many, building a deck or a fence out of teak wood is cost-prohibitive.

Ipe Woods USA provides customers with products made out of real teak. According to Ipe Woods USA, plantation-grown teak is only one-fifth as dense as natural teak and does not last as long or stand up to the weather elements as real teak. Real teak comes primarily from Southeast Asia. See

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