Holland, OH – Next Wave Automation, located in Holland, OH, is launching its newest product, CNC Piranha Fx , a woodworking CNC routing system that can also 3D Print and Laser Engrave on Kickstarter.

CNC Piranha Fx is the latest – and smallest – of Next Wave’s CNC systems and the only machine at press date that has 3D printing, laser engraving, along with CNC routing/carving functionality. Next Wave is offering CNC Piranha Fx on Kickstarter so that the company can fund production via pre-orders and then be able to offer the product at a competitive price. CNC Piranha Fx’ Kickstarter funders will have the opportunity to pledge $1 and up to $2,899 for a fully functional, wholly inclusive CNC Piranha Fx. The campaign will run until March 31, 2015.

“Piranha started off as a highly capable CNC – Computer Numerically Controlled – machine for woodworkers,” says company founder Tim Owens. “Piranha Fx, with the help of Kickstarter, will be an entirely new generation of machine – a make anything machine that wil let users 3D print, laser engrave and carve, all on one machine.”

Next Wave calls the CNC Piranha Fx the “Make Anything Machine” because it will include three easy to use modules letting users carve, laser engrave and 3D print, all on a single machine, all using a super simple, highly intuitive touch screen, all with an optional digitizer:

3D Printing Module: Replicate parts, create figures, design and fabricate literally anything. Users’ design and DIY manufacturing ability is limitless with Piranha Fx’ 3D printer. Users can design their own object with the included Vectric software on their own pc or laptop OR they can get the optional digitizer to copy an existing object.

Laser Engraving Module: Cut or engrave flat sheet materials such as paper, wood, plastic or fabric. The Piranha Fx laser allows users to engrave existing images, like photographs or drawings, in addition to creating their own designs.

Carving/CNC Routing Module: Whether users want to carve in wood, aluminum, soft metal or plastic, Piranha Fx can handle it all. Users can carve circuit boards, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, like copper, brass, etc.

Optional Digitizer: With the optional digitizer, Piranha Fx makes it possible to recreate and copy small objects or existing three dimensional images and objects. Piranha‘s digitizer actually learns by touch so it can learn to recreate things that are hard to find or replace. This function is also perfect for hand-made objects users might want to mass produce.

For additional technical information, please contact Next Wave Automation. Email: [email protected] Phone: (419) 491-4350

About Next Wave Automation

Founded in 2006 by president and CEO Tim Owens and based in Holland, OH, Next Wave Automation is a U.S. manufacturer of affordable CNC routing equipment and automated machinery for professional woodworkers and woodworking hobbyists of all levels. With core company values of customer service and technological scalability, Next Wave Automation is at the forefront of small shop automation and incorporates versatile compatibility between components and products whenever possible. For more information about Next Wave Automation, go to www.nextwaveautomation.com or call (419) 318-4822

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