Portable Sawmills' Global Leader Launches New Bandsaw Mill
July 11, 2013 | 10:27 am CDT

BUFFALO, New York - Norwood Sawmills, a leading global portable sawmill and forestry equipment manufacturer, is pleased to announce the launch of the LumberPro HD36, a new larger-capacity portable sawmill to meet the needs of its global customers.

The HD36's appetite for massive logs up to 90cm in diameter combined with its best-in-class throat-opening of 70cm enable sawyers to mill virtually any hardwood or softwood tree into valuable lumber. It was designed to meet the rigorous demands of commercial-sawing, and yet be easy enough to use for first-time sawyers.

The HD36 maximizes versatility to keep sawyers' options open - The LumberPro HD36 can be configured manually, or hydraulically, or a combination of both. "Often first-time sawmill owners can't foresee how their sawmilling operation will grow," explains Norwood President, Ashlynne Dale, "But, with a manual Norwood sawmill, they can start for very little money. Then, later on, as their profits multiply and as their sawing business develops, they add hydraulic and power attachments. Pretty soon, their sawmill grows into a fully-hydraulic high-production machine." Norwood's "grow-as-you-go" approach ensures that a sawyer will never outgrow his LumberPro HD36, but rather, can build it up to keep pace with his evolving sawmilling needs.

Norwood invests heavily in R & D, focusing on developing technology that cuts the time it takes to mill each log into lumber. By eliminating operator functions and speeding up cycle times, Norwood sawmills achieve greater productivity, and therefore profitability, than any other. Norwood's commitment to advancing the frontiers of portable sawmill innovation is evidenced by their nearly 50 patents, more than the combined total of all the other sawmill companies around the world put together.

"We incorporated many of Norwood's latest patented innovations into the LumberPro HD36," explains Dale, "There is no question that Norwood Pro HD36 owners will be getting the most productive … the most reliable … the most versatile portable bandsaw mill available."

About Norwood Sawmills

Norwood Sawmills has been designing and building premium-quality portable sawmills for over 20 years. Norwood sawmills are hard at work throughout Africa and in over 100 countries worldwide cutting millions of valuable board feet of lumber. With nearly 50 patents, more than the combined total of all the other sawmill companies around the world combined, Norwood has established itself as the global leader in portable sawmill technology.

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